Companies: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

The Best Way To Remain In Good Terms With All Your Employees

In this day and era, there are numerous theories and discussions about how employers can increase the productivity of their employees through empowering them. One of the major and most discussed philosophies in the business world is empowerment. Empowered employees are more often than not very efficient in doing their tasks and require very minimal supervision. The firm’s vision and mission will be most likely met if the employees are empowered and in addition ensure the maximum productivity of the company.

I would like to explain to you things that go contrary to empowerment before I dive on what empowerment entails. Although employee empowerment might sound simple and easy, many managers fail to be successful in it.

Empowerment is more of a privilege than a right. Only competent and efficient employees deserve to be empowered by their employers. So many people however view empowerment as a right and consider it a necessity in every company.

In addition to giving your employees broad guidelines, employee empowerment is regarded as also giving them the space to make the decisions that as they see fit. In short, it lets employees think for themselves. To some extent, the reasoning that empowerment comes from the employee and not the employer is true. I however believe that true empowerment comes from a continuous effort of the management and the employees in working together. The employee is expected have initiative and be decisive when it comes to doing their job but the management is also expected to encourage and allow employees enough freedom to do their work diligently.

If you do not place enough effort in empowerment, you will most likely not see any significant increase in productivity. In this day and era, employees that have not been empowered will only do what they are required to do and will never bother doing extra or putting in more effort. Experts and professionals highly advise against managers underestimating their employees as this normally proves to be a bad decision that negatively affects the company. The funny thing is that employee empowerment is very easy to implement yet not many companies are doing so. Training your employees consistently, coaching them, encouraging them to set goals for themselves, and encouraging them to focus on their daily tasks are some of the ways company managements can use to empower their employees. Employee empowerment should be included in the annual budget of a company as they will more often than not spend some money.

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